Sunday, October 3, 2010

one by one la problem jatuh tergolek lekat tahi ayam masok longkang. aku pulak kena masuk longkang amik problem tu and bersihkan

last night, my friend tagged me in a note. i didnt read it until this morning. we have this project whereby we'll need to go somewhere and conduct an activity. our initial plan was to do it around area nearer to us. But our super suggested we go to Terengganu or Johor.

after weeks of discussion, our super told us, T'ganu bebeh! well, super didnt exactly say that. just wanna show our excitement going for a field trip.hehe so, there are 3 groups of 14 members all together. my group members especially were really excited. dah buat modul, prop. until last's the message she sent us:

R: Dear emen, - have bad news that I x go to tragganu bcause there will b iso cmg to faculty. therefore, you guys need to arrange yourself w any school or community group. So sorry.-I'm now flying to (okyo. (*Tokyo)

M: O.then how about our accommodation n sponsorship 4 food? isit still on?

R: Its ok, I suggest you just do school around Bangi or Selangor

M: So, it will b a one-day project or 3days doctor? Sorry i'm asking so many questions doctor

R: One day jelah...good luck

yeah talk about major disappointment. ok sedih tak dapat pergi jaoh-jaoh tu satu hal.the other one, can we find any school yang rela kitorg pergi buat projek disaat nak end year examination nih? in less than 2 weeks. i thought about my mum's school. but she said the exam will start early next week so no way we can kacau the students. 

how la.....baru settle hal thesis ni satu lagi pulak..........

why this sem punya lecturer tak efficient? why la........................................

baru je nak makan kopok lekor puas2..siyes...lama tak pegi tganu...T__T


valentine87 said...

nang shedih hati mek koh...mek down sik dpat g tgganu..huhu

Alex said...

Check out my blog.. I got sth for you..~~ :D

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