Saturday, October 23, 2010

Silence is golden

i couldn't help to post about this. I've been remaining silence as much as i could after the misunderstanding.because i don't want to make things worst. but seems that you couldn't keep your mouth shut. I've heard many disturbing versions about 'us' vs 'u' which kinda make things worst.

i know every one has their own interpretation about things happening around them. but you chose to sell the stories around. it's just a stupid teeny weeny small misunderstanding and argument but now have turned so big and bigger by your versions of stories.

i am not angry. but it's disturbing. i thought the time had passed and we should move on right? but you keep hanging on it like we are the 'Mean Girls' in the movie, whatdaheck?

i used to say in my old blog that finding friends to share your feelings it's alright. but if the friends turn into quite a number, that become rumors. and worst, FITNAH.* forgot the word in English*. haha.. the saddest thing the people don't even know what's really happening but never want to ask our version of the story. then it's a win-lose situation.

if you want this to work, stop passing stories that you yourself are not sure of. self assuming can become self destructing. and most important thing is to do reflection. that easy.if you got the answer, contact me. aite?

k.i will continue diam-diam jah minding my own business. Plus not worth it anyway. Chapter 5 go go go!!

p/s i am done with quarreling with people do i love it. matila.haha it's so childish and immature. so do me a favor k? I've had enough negative impressions by people around me and i know this 'us' vs 'u' thing will make it worst for me. i am always the bad one. you should know better.


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