Saturday, March 19, 2011

I wanna

I love to read blogs written by Malaysian students studying overseas. No, not my Juniors' blogs. I read randomly from blog hopping.

Since I was young,  I have this dream to travel to places with different lifestyles, cultures, religions. I just wanna.I envy those who have the chance, not like me. When I was applying for my teaching course, I applied for Overseas Programme. I got it only it's still within Malaysia. Oversea la from Melaka to Kuching.haha 

I want to go places. I want to play with snow, feel the heat at middle east, take pictures in Australia, be in super fast train, buy a bouquet of tulips in Denmark. I want all that. I dont want to live in Malaysia, not knowing the outside world and develop super ethnocentric views on other cultures. I dont want to be part of Meleis who think highly of themselves and cultures and dismiss the rest. I want to be open minded. 

I dont want to live my life solely on paycheck, gadgets, kids, family. I want to travel. I know all you dont understand what I am trying to say.

There is so much in life than just being a teacher, a wife, a mother. I want more. and I hope I can do all of that with you.


Alex said...

JOm, travel end of this year. Gather up some money, and go somewhere. Japan? NZ? London? China? Egypt? Korea...(south la, not north) heheh

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