Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gastric Pain

I spent my morning searching information about gastric pain. Lately, I have been having it frequently, almost everyday. I guess its due to inconsistent eating time or stress. And fatigue.

I am feeling tired most of the time. Sometimes, even after I have taken my meals, I still had the gastric pain. So I guess its due to stress. I want to go home.

This morning, I turned on my laptop. and saw this:

Can you see the line?? It is on my laptop screeennnnnn. Dayemmmmm. I had this problem few years ago and my parents had to fork out almost RM1K to change to a new monitor. And the lines will continue to multiply themselves. Buying a new laptop is never on my list at the mean time. And now I have no mood. 

Why can some people being expressive without being judged? Why when I say I want to say, people say things? When I dont say anything people say I am a hypocrite?

"Dont live for the critics coz they are everywhere"

p/s Hope to complete my Error Analysis task by today. God give me strength =)


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