Friday, March 18, 2011
dingin malam yang menyelubungi
hening sayu dalam hati
berbicara bersendirian

I dont know what i've done wrong to you but given the fact you give cold stares at me is not at all comfortable.

One thing I learn:

Some people love to play victims. As if the whole world treat them bad. As for me, they are just being damn sensitive. But don't they know that we believe what we want to believe? You interpret things the way you want.

Kau boleh la sentap ngan orang. Orang tak boleh sentap ngan kau la? Mun orang sentap terus orang ya dengki, busuk hati, two face, advantage bitch bla bla bla?

p/s Nak pergi Beryl's beli coklat banyak-banyak.yea!


valentine87 said...

yes indeed~~ stop it!! i can't take it anymore~~ mala jak mok sentap~~

Alex said...

...nice transition. From bitch to chocolate. :D

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