Thursday, March 24, 2011

I hate myself

We were queuing up to pay for the car park fee at Alamanda last night. We were at the 1st floor, next to a store for mummies and pregnancy. There was a huge poster of a pregnant belly. I was not really in a mood last night and blurted out this:

Bulak perut nya perfect macam ya.Mun bena mesti byk stretch marks!!!!

Translation: It was fake, the real belly should have stretch marks la...

This is the Octo Mum. *stress*

Ok, I spoke like a bitch. Then only I realised there was a pregnant lady, in front of us. I knew she heard me. Then I feel like I am the biggest jack ass in the world. T_______T.

I, a girl who never got knock up said something that I myself never experience. Nice one Nurul!! I bet the lady must have prayed for me to get my stretch marks for my pregnancy. 

After the lady paid the ticket fee, she walked in front of us and gave me a look.I am guilty.

As if the stretch marks are the hideous things in the world. What about talking about mothers' sacrifices Nurul rather acting out so bitchy??

p/s still feeling guilty. wooo...woo...
p/p/s Pictres googled


Sue Andy's said...

OMG... aku byk stretch marks :(

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