Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby has grown =)

At 18 months, Adam has learned that he can bite!!! Last Friday, Kak Maz told me that she had to take him from the nursery early as he bit two of the kids. Arrrr garang sehhh~

When he was at home last week, i teased him a lot, like A LOT that pissed my mum. But he was like the cutest thing ever when he got mad. When he was watching Barney on TV, I stood in front of the TV and he struggled to watch it from tiny view yang sik kenak cover ya.haha When his attempts failed, he stood up, and grab my thigh. He wanted to bite it. I wiggled. so he couldnt bite. His next strategy was to pinch me real hard. ahhahaha of course it didnt hurt. When he saw me still laughing, he 'babap' me. with sound effects ok!!!!

Another incident was Adam saw something on the shelves. He pointed at the shelves and said 'Abah, abah'. Apparently  he said Abah refferring to everything. Couldnt understand what he wanted, my brother picked up few things which upset him. Obviously not what he wanted. Finally, my brother gave him a picture frame with Ikha's picture in it. Could you believe this? He took the frame, and find a sit somewhere on the floor looking at the picture smiling???? My mom said, he remembers Ikha. When you see his smile, it's like magic you know. The little boy still remembers his cousin!!!

So, moral of the story, Adam is the cutest little boy ever. And my niece, Ikha is the cutest little girl ever.

I rest my case =))))

p/s Adam and Ikha will be home end of this month. Happy much??? =D


DauS said...

and i'm not even there to watch em grow..ngaaa

razorkonvick said...

dont worry. you'll be home too this month hehe

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