Sunday, March 13, 2011


Just had my lunch.hehe alu burp~ My mom. adik and I spent the whole morning cleaning up the house. Dust everywhere. And the focus was my room. We rearranged the furniture and  shove everything unpretty into the closet.hahahaha tak senonoh. no la. all were nicely arranged in my closet.

You know, since yesterday, Mom has been in and out my room zillion times. I dont know what's in her mind. Sometimes she would just stand at the door looking inside. Sometimes she would nod her head. Sometimes she smiled.hehe maybe she was picturing the layout of the room.

Yesterday we went to Romantika, MITC. Mom wanted to buy flowers for the room. We did. Mom also bought a new curtain for the room. I chose cream so that it can be reused for my wedding. It's no fun seeing my mom forking lotsa cash. I wish I am working right now so that mom dont have to use her money. =(

So far, all the preparation has been completed.

  1. Hantarans = Done
  2. Outfit = Done
  3. Tudung =  Donno to choose between a shawl or Bawal =.='
  4. Catering = finalising the dishes
  5. Canopy = Done
  6. Door gifts =  Untuk Tahlil not yet but for E-day Done
  7. Room deco = Done
  8. Bedsheet = Done
I can sense that Mom has started to panic. Haha a week before the kenduri, my dad and her will have to go to Kedah to settle some matters regarding tanah pusaka. She has started to worry because she is scared that many thing will be left undone. But based on the checklist above, we have done almost everything. 

I can wait for the end of the month. Everyone will be home. Umar and family, amir and family, my brother from Miri will be flying back too. My sisters also. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyiiiiiippppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


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