Thursday, March 24, 2011
I just got up. Feeling tired and restless. I have work to do tonight. and I am hungry.

I have lost the touch of blogging. I have so many things to share but everytime I tried to blog about something, my mind went blank.

I am getting engaged in 9 days. Believe me I dont feel anything. No, I am not having second thoughts. But I am too busy to think about it.

Mum calls me frequently these days. Sometimes to update me, sometimes to ask for something.

B's mum called me last week. Tell you I blew it. I didnt know who was calling because I didnt save her number. I answered using the most hideous scary male-like voice ever. The voice I use to avoid spam caller or salesmen. dayyyyeeemmmm

The hantarans from my side are all done. Waiting for B's now. My dear friend, Ambun helps me with B's hantaran. He's got the talent.Boleh bukak bisnes.wahahaha

I watch Big Mommas last night with friends. Boy it was hysterical. Thank you Martin Lawrence for putting the smile in the midst of my chaotic life.

Next week will be the final week for lectures. Final for me to sit and listen as a degree undergraduates. We'll have our Graduation dinner next week. And also final presentation for project. and also 2 reports to be handed in. I would say next week, my mood's gonna swing badly.


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