Saturday, March 26, 2011

For granted

Some people always take things for granted.

Feeling, efforts, presence......

Let's start with feelings.
I say what I want to say. and sometimes I know I hurt the listener. Eventually, I will apologize. But, my way is apologizing is not with words. I do deeds. Simple ones like take out food, give a lift to somewhere. Rarely with words unless I know I did hurt that person terribly. why? Because I am not a woman of words. I write. I am not expressive with feelings. Cant believe me? then think.

For our drama, I have seen how some people work real hard to make it a success. These group of people with no doubt gonna be a great individuals some days. Effort includes energy, time and money.I know some people spend their efforts with energy, doing works uncomplaint. Some with time, spending time preparing scripts, props, costumes also without a word. Some people spend the money, not even thinking to claim. But the saddest part a small portion of individuals, dahlah malas, kedekut, tak menghargai pulak tu. Sabo je la. Like Ucop put it, Kite bako je, kite bako hurts like hell seeing all those efforts were taken for granted. If it was up to me, I would smack them till they cry.The other day, we had a confrontation. I thought people will change. Some did. But some people, whom thought those had nothing to do with them, stay the same. Complain banyak.


If you disregard those two, feeling and effort, definitely you will take presence for granted too. You dont feel anything with the person being there or not. But once you have lost them, you tried to reach.and failed. and whenever you fail, you dont learn. you blame that person instead.  I did this before.many times. when I realize it, sometimes its too late. I lost many good friends of mine. I tried to reach them. and when they ignore me, I got angry and upset. but the truth is, i let them go in the first place.

My point is......actually I dont have a point.haha I just woke up and those things were in mind before I slept just now. Therefore, make me wanna write. Talking about sleep, finally I got to sleep in the afternoon. The past weeks were hectic. More to come next week. I cant wait to go back. This will be my second week spending weekend in UKM. Please expect mood swings next week. hee

yehooooo, getting engaged in 7 daysss Put a ring on that finger honey!

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