Monday, November 18, 2013

Once we landed at Incheon International Airport,,

Hola peeps...=)

So we landed safely on Seoul land, the land that B had been dreaming about since he fell in love with the Korean dramas and variety shows.

At Incheon International Airport....

tanah gersang due to winter..

Muka basi bangun tidur. Was waiting to use the toilet since almost everyone from the same flight wanted to wash up.haha


I was impressed with the cleanliness of the toilet. My sakai level was at the maximum where I just had to push the red botton twice, just to see the plastic cover changed automatically.hahahahahaha


Jyeahhhh, peed, and washed up. Ikut hati nak mandi tp kampung giler kan mandi lam toilet kat negara orang.hahaha

Waiting for the commuter to the main terminal building.

Before I forget, we were given this arrival card to fill in when were still on the flight.It was for some personal details, ie our names, where we would stay while in South Korea, etc. Was collected at the immigration post.

Yeay, met our first tour guide. Our tour guide changed everyday.haha will explain bout this later. Opkos no picture with him, still shy shy.hehe I forgot his nama *my bad* but he was a first year student at one of the universities in Seoul. Ouhhh he's a Malaysian. =)

We had 3 luggage. The big purple one for clothes, the small black on the right for food and the small brown one for basics like winter jacket, toilettries and extra clothes, in case.

Waiting for a train to Seoul. From Incheon to Seoul, it took about 1 hour...krohh....krohhhh. We were heading to our guesthouse at Shinchon area.

Yeay, we had arrived!

To be continued.........again.......


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