Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Felt project: Camera cover

Yesterday, I had this idea for my felt project: Camera cover. The original pouch is getting worst so I decide to make a new one using felt fabric. It took few hours to complete because I didnt really plan how it'd look like plus I was busy exploring new phone *ehem*.

Anyhoo, here's the product. It looks weird though =.='

with the camera inside. The smiley thingy is supposed to look cute but look creepy instead~~

My initials of course =)

The inside view

the side view.

Hahaha ok you may laugh all you want. I agree this is very untidy, uncute etc. I will improve!

Note to self:

  1. Plan carefully what design you want. I didnt for this project. I spontaneously cut and sew the pieces. Very the malas..
  2. learn more about color combination. color block may work on people not things.
  3. be more meticulous when sewing. dont make mom shake her head again looking at your work.hahahaha
  4. make with love, not because you're bored. 

Next project: MP3 Cover. hehehe


Cerah Jeff said...

buley wat bisnes online ni,wat fan page fb tp jangan tag org,nanti kene marah,hahaha

Nurul Razak said...

haha lmbat lagi kot. tgok hasil kerja pon tak kemas lagi.hehe buat malu je karang =p

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