Thursday, July 28, 2011


yesterday i was hit by a rumor that we might get posted in Mac 2012. it's like eight months of unemployment...

i dont mind when we'll get posted but i need an official statement from the gov about this situation. so that i can plan my life. if its still long to go, i can find a temporary job.. i dont want to seek jobs only to get posted 2days will be troublesome to the new employer.

if the rumor is true i might reconsider back about the date for the wedding. maybe to postpone it. stress. both me and B are not keen with the idea.we'll see how it goes. who knows suddenly many kindhearted people want to sponsor right?? hehehe

anyhoo, Ramadhan is approaching in 3@4 days. have a blessed month to all Muslims :-)
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valentine87 said...

stress kan...hemm no news..kedak kapal hanyut ja... mun ada news itam putih mdah bulan mac taun depan bole ku keja part time lok..lama naa juak nanam anggur koh..

Nurul Razak said...

kan....sedih.bulan posa tok byk jawatan kosong rah kedai2. rasa mok apply jak. stress

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