Monday, July 18, 2011

When A Guy bought vegetable

My brother has returned. I am happy since I have extra hands to help me to the market. So this morning I asked him to go to the market and buy whole chicken,  coconut milk and any vege for lunch.

He did buy them alright. However, look at this veges:

eh, this is not any type vege.haha must have inserted this pic in the same folder =p

This is sawi. This much was bought by my brother. THIS MUCH! =.='

He also bought another vege, Baby sawi, only two of these. =.='

Since it was too little to cook only one type, I mixed both vege for lunch.

When its cooked.

Yerppp..only this much.

This wasnt the first time. Last year mom asked my second brother to buy some vege too. He came back home, literally with 5-6 stems of kangkung. You know right we need at a bunch of kangkung to make decent dish? hahahaha i guess the boys in my family need to go to the market often. =p


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