Wednesday, July 13, 2011

looking at my niece and nephew's pics make the world a better place. =)

these babies always make my world a better place to live. Whenever I'm stressed out, angry or sad or even in the happiest mood, I will look at their pictures, in FB, in my phone, in my mum's phone, in the laptop, computer, pictures around the house. Sometimes if I have more time, I would watch their videos since they were few days to now both reaching 2 years old. Time flies right? My babies have grown.

This is our Adam. He looks like a caucasian baby. Cheeky yet reserved. 

This is our chinese/ japanese or sometimes korean lil princess, Ikha. Can be super hyperactive at times. Nakal tapi bila nak marah, buat muka super cute that melts your heart away.

Bole tak ganti Miasara??hehehe

Ok this is cute in messy way. Look at her arms and calf? Super yummeh!

We have orang putey baby and korean baby in the family. How bout my kids? If B's chinese blood is dominant, we might have another chinese look baby. If not, I want Java baby, can??


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