Monday, July 11, 2011

Autopilot mode

Been living in the house for more than 2 months without a job. So I can pretty say that my daily routine has become like a replay button, almost everyday.

I woke up at 8.30 this morning. Walked to the kitchen, turned on the boiler and went to wash my face at the toilet, per usual. Then went to the washing area, checked the clothes inside the watching machine, set the auto wash button, pour in some detergent, closed the lid.

Took a mug, placed it on the kitchen counter. Spread some butter on 2 pieces of bread, inserted in the toast. Since the kitchen only have one plug, had to wait for the boiler then only can plug in the toast.haha

"Teggg". The boiler successfully did its job. I took a sachet of Nescafe 3 in 1 from the pantry. Cut the end opened. And poured it. My mind wandered through the work I yet to finish. When I finally grabbed back my wandering thoughts, I looked down.

I was pouring nescafe into the dustbin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @#$%^&*(

That's autopilot mode for you. Luckily, only 1/4 of the sachet was poured into the dustbin. Phew~~~~~

Then only I realised how my life has been on autopilot mode.

I had my breakfast. Next: Clean the house =)

p/s I'm so tempted to call MOE regarding our posting thingy. I just wanna know WHEN we'll be posted because it's so heart wrenching to be sitting at home, bringing zero income to the house while the rest of my cousin around my age are making money and living their lives. =(

InsyaAllah Nurul. Good things happen to those who wait, ammirite???


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