Sunday, July 3, 2011

My flight was delayed

My flight got delayed yesterday. For one hour. Reason: Bad weather. We were informed that our plane couldnt land so they flew around in the sky. Cool huh? Did the pilot agitated? Macam air crash investigation.haha

It wasnt a full flight. I got window seat. And the seat next to me, including the next row were empty. Had a good time positioning myself to be in the utmost comfy position.hahha 

The plane was kinda slow i think because it took almost 2 hours from Kuching to Kl. Usually, it'll take 2 hour 45 minutes or less. But I got no complain. Time passed real quick for me. Maybe because I bought a book and finished reading it through the journey. Need to find more books..hmm...

I have few things to share. But no pictures will be shown. 

1. Since the delay of the flight, I got really really really hungry. I seldom purchase anything on board but decided to go for Cheesy Pizza. Super hungry weh. The steward came up asking me politely. He addressed me as 'Puan'. =) First time ever happened to me. Usually I got 'kakak' - which make me feel old or cik or miss. But this time around, they called me 'Puan'. Must be due to my engagement ring that I was wearing. =).

2. The food I wanted to order was not available. Only rice and got some other I couldnt recall. So I decided to go for Chicken and Vege. The steward teased me saying I was on diet. He was polite. and he kept adressing me Puan through out the flight. I liked him already.hahaha. Note: He's not a nyem type. 

3. Because the flight wasnt full, passengers were allowed to change seat. Halfway the journey, an old man, about my dad's age sat on a far end seat of my row. I guess he was running away from the noisy kid who cried to whole flight. I didnt give much attention to him till we got hit with turbulence few times. I looked at him. His mouth was moving. He was reciting Holy Quran verses. Then I followed suit, citing familiar verses. 

4. Due to the bad weather, I got to see something really amazing up there. The weather was bad. I was reading my book when the corner of my eyes caught some flashes outside the window. It was really bright. I put down the book, turning my head, finding the source. There  I saw it, the lightning, in the closest view or distance I have ever experienced. Our plane flew just next to a candy floss =.=' of cloud. Really close almost got into the cloud. I saw the lightning. I was scared but amazed at the same time. Not every human got the chance to see God's magic in a very close distance. I took my camera out. But I didnt take any picture, I was too indulged in the scenery. Plus my camera shutter isnt that fast. why bother?

I hope to get posted soon. B's dad said their school PK just got back from a meeting in Bintulu. The PK said 3 teachers are coming soon which now I literally pushing B to get more info from his dad. I believe I'm in the same group of the 3 teachers. Bila la ni......

Ok bye!


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