Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cloudy day

It was raining heavily at dawn which sent me to heaven. I couldnt sleep last night due to itchiness on my sole feet.  I started off to slumber land around 5.30, woke up at 6.30 for prayer and went back to sleep. At 8.15, the phone rang which almost made my heart stopped. The annoying sound. Urghh.

It was Abah. My uncle and auntie was ready to go to the bus station. Crap, I forgot I had to send them this morning. Quick shower, in 15 minutes I already sat my wide ass on nenek's cushion. Then off we went to Melaka city.

After I dropped them off at Melaka Sentral, I was thinking what to do next. Hadn't had my breakfast yet. Then I called B, I wanted to find the Skin Specialist Clinic which I had googled last night. I drove around, making wrong turning bla bla bla...till i saw Subra Skin Specialist. Ok now.

Then called B again telling him about the new clinic.

B insisted me to go to the specialist because my allergy is getting worse. He's paying for it though I refuse. B, thank you so much =)

This allergy has been going on like forever now. Which makes me grumpy and moody most of the day. I did search for some info, comparing the pictures found with mine. It's certainly a kind of allergy. I need to get allergy test to make sure the cause. I totally believe it's because of some floor detergent. Because when I am at other place, like Kuching the other day, the itchiness went off. Once I got back, there it goes, making me scratching like monkeys.

I'm more concern about how to start working with this problem. How am I gonna wear shoes? Court shoes to be exact. ish,,,


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