Sunday, July 17, 2011

Drama Queen

My nose that is!

Lemme tell you why.

My nose is very sensitive. Especially in cold weather. Whenever it's cold, it will start to make a scene. First, it will get blocked. So when I inhale, I will make high pitch but slow funny sounds. AAnd when I exhale, plese imagine sounds horsies made when they are excited.bahahahhaa  After few hours breathing with only a tunnel, the mucus will start to melt. And the water just..woshhhh...non stop, flowing in all conditions, nothing can stop its way. And what make it worse is that my eyes will start to become watery and  reddish as if i just found out my boyfriend cheated on me with Anne Hathaway!

Annnnndddddddddd the worst part is yet to come. These combinations: runny nose + watery eyes + weird sounds + funny face always choose the best timing to make scenes =  in crowds!!!!! Can you imagine that?

One good example was during KISSM exam a few weeks back. That night I slept with full blast fan and had no blankie. I FORGOT THAT I HAVE DRAMA QUEEN NOSE!. So the next morning I woke up with just  blocked nose with weird inhale/exhale sounds. The exam got two parts: Paper 1 and 2. During paper 1, the mucus was still intact, no sign of it gonna melt yet. Unlucky for me, 5 minutes before Paper 2 started, there was a mild warning of things gonna get flowy. Lucky me, Nad was sitting in front of me so I asked her for tissues, just in case. She gave me 2 sheets. 

Then only everything just came flowing non stop! During the exam. What made it more dramatic was I snooze non-stop, with overflowing mucus - good point, it was crystal clear =), until all my tissues were soaking wet! I couldnt concentrate and answered my paper in just 15minutes. All I got in mind was to get out and go to the toilet asap. In my battle against the flow, I was defeated. I had to use my sleeve, my kurung sleeve!!!!!!!! Yea I know it's gross but can you imagine this: I was sitting there, innocently thinking of the answers to crap for exam then suddenly I felt hot steamy liquid on my upper lip with some of it dangling, almost dropping on the paper exam like a pipe?It's like my nose becomes a spoil faucet!!!

I was scared if got people staring (i gathered enough attention by sneezing non-stop) at me so it was a reflexive act to just wipe them with my sleeve T______________________________T

I ended up to be the first one among my classmates to hand in exam papers because I couldnt stand it. Please let me pass this exam please please please.

After that, I waited outside, waited for B to come and fetch me. Once he arrived, I braved the crowd, walking under the hot sun with very funny face due to the combinations with people looking at me. Once I met my 2months-not-see-each-other fiance, he told me: Teruk na muka ktk...(you look terrible) T____T.. and and...when I was in the car, another humiliating incident happen. I was talking to him, face to face when suddenly the liquid stuff ran down my nose down to my lower lip. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Ok emos. I was talking to the love of my life with the most miserable face ever...T__________T

Cut story short, it took about 2 hours after that for all the things to subside. And B still loves me though.

Point of writing: I'm experiencing the symptoms to the combinations. Wish me luck! =))

p/s sorry no picture for this post. It's embarrassing enough about the sleeve thingy =(


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