Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Home organizer

Today, I went to COSWAY, Alor Gajah branch since my dad asked me to buy Spirulina for him. By the way, spirulina is super good in healing scars, *coughs* especially pimple scars. It's good for any kind of skin allergy *coughs coughs* basically skin diseases lah!

Emo kejap.

I sent this pic to B. Btw, I'm using my old phone now so can take pic oredi.hehe B texted back: 

"Lain upa syg tok dari time jumpa hby"
(you looked different than when you're with me)

He said I looked like makcik =.='/

Sabo je la....truth is, i feel lazy to dress up without him around. Plus, the shirt I was wearing was mom's. She gave it to me since it's a bit tight for her. So, it's quite big for me.

Saje nak bagitau, I bought this glasses in Kuching. Promo woot woot!

Ok back to story.

I lepaked at the store for almost half an hour. Makcik tu super duper friendly. I went there once in February, yet she remembered me, my face. I felt honored.

She even asked about my engagement coz last time I went there, we chatted for a while. She also remembered that I'll be a teacher and many more. Definitely, this is my favourite Cosway store!!!

Anyhoo, I bought few other stuffs for our home. Been checking them for a while that I finally got the chance to buy them. muahahahaha Here they are:

Toaster and microwave cover. Instantly, this corner looks so much different without the covers. You dont want to see the before picture.

and this. I just love this! I bought this hook for RM3++ and again the corner changes! these are plugs for heater, microwave, toaster and sandwich maker. Look organized aint it?

I just hope my dad wont spoil those things =.='



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