Thursday, July 21, 2011

A trip to UKM

Today I woke up early to go to UKM. For a mission: to collect surat pengesahan tamat pengajian and official transcript =) I'm a graduate!

Anyhoo, I opened the eyes at 5.45am and prepared breakfast for the first time for my family. Another weird behaviour that got my parents to raise their eyebrows.hahaha I cooked spaghetti carbonara. This was my 1st attempt and the outcome was not to my liking.

Terlalu cair..... But my brother finished the whole bowl by himself.hehe

This pose was meant for my boyfriend, but...gedik jugak nak letak.hahaha

I left home at 8.30am sharp. Stopped by at our local mini post office to buy pos ekpress envelope so that i could straight away post my friends' stuffs. Unfortunately, only 7 envelopes were available. I need another one! phew.

Then stopped by to fill the gas at Shell then to pump the tyres at Petronas. I know! Why should i stop at 2 different gas station?hahah 

I went out Tol Simpang 4 at 9.05am and arrived at UKM around 10am. This is true. I really keep track of the  time.hehe once in Ukm, i couldnt find a parking space near Cansellori so I had to park at DECTAR. Under the hot blazing sun, I walked to Cansellori, got honked by lorry drivers. teyyyyyybaaaa rasa hot.hahahaha

I helped to pay 2 of my friends' convo fee then headed to level 4, Bahagian Pengurusan Akademik. Took a number and was called straight away. I gave the sweetest smile to the guy there so that he wouldnt be so grumpy processing my demands. There were altogether 9sets of transcripts I'm collecting so need to show good face , no?

The documents were printed right there and then. the transcripts and the official letter were sealed in a brown envelope with ukm headings.

the envelopes =)

Then, I went back to the car, filled in the pos ekspress envelope with the documents, and wrote the addresses. Phew. Once done, I drove around UKM, just to check around, went to Pusanika, to the post office there. There werent many cars around so I got good spot near the entrance =)

It was very quite at Pusanika. Most of the shops were closed.

Hey, this is new.

I bought another envelope. Fill in the details. I asked the kakak where should I submit those envelopes. She said it was outside at the Pusanika Car Park. Please note that I was bathed in my own sweat at this time. This has been the 1st time after sooooo long that I ran chores with my 2 feet.hehehehe

Oily skin due to not being fit =.='

The building in front of Pusat Bahasa bus station is almost done!!!

Later I drove to the faculty, wanted to ask regarding our convo and final sem exam slip. They still dont know the exact date for our convo. Boo HOO..

waited for few minutes to be entertained. Even the faculty office was quite.

Didnt see our file: TESL UKM IPBL

Must take pictures here during convo day.

the parking lot was empty too.

Bye UKM. See you in September!! =)

after that, I drove to Bangi Sesyen 15, wanted to tapau Nasi beryani. I passed by the restaurant. seemed like it was just open. So i waited for 10 minutes. Then only I noticed the banner, hung in front of the restaurant. It said: Tutup dari 11 july - 22 july for renovation.#$%^&*()

favourite restaurant was closed.waaaaa

no caption

i was devastated. so with heavy heart I drove to the heart of bangi, to Yati Ayam Percik to tapau its famous nasi kerabu. I also ordered a set of keropok lekor. This is the closest taste for real keropok lekor. Munched them on the way back to Melaka.

Over fried i think but the taste was still awesome.

the famous nasi kerabu. the chicken wasnt in the picture though..

arrived home, messaged some friends, took shower, then krohhh kroohhh....

I dont know why but I'm feeling so tired. even now. Takkan badan dah berkarat lama tak buat kerja? @.@

anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy....I'm gonna be a graduate in September. The 6years journey is moving towards the end. Sob..sob...sob..


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