Thursday, July 21, 2011
Finally I bought a planner. muahahahahahhaha *evil laugh*. 

Not for daily but wedding. Muahahahahahhaha

Everyday, I spent the least one hour, searching and googling for wedding-related info. Sometimes I would stumble upon awesome websites, blogs, forums you name it for wedding ideas. Most of the time I lost the links. Reason being:

I used 2 laptops at home, mom's and mine. Sometime I would bookmark certain pages in my laptop.Sometimes mom's. But I did get confuse whether I've bookmarked the pages or not. That's why some of them got lost. Anyhoo, I bought a planner, so that I can jot down ideas for KIV or already decided =)


This is a small book so that it'll be easier for me to carry around in my handbag. It has few dividers, for hantarans, bridal boutique, bla bla.

I did have one planner for my engagement too and trust me, it helped a lot. To keep track things to be done, bought bla bla.

As the plan will be next year, I couldnt help it but to let my brain to work extra hard finding for ideas. And have you experienced this: suddenly your brain went 'ting' and you got the most fabulous idea but you didnt jot it down because you thought the idea was so fabulous there's no way you would forget it?? I DID! And by the time I got pen and paper to write down my brain went sulking. ceh!

The past few weeks, if you notice we had few Malaysian celebrities tied the knot. Noh & Mizz Nina, Tomok and also Farah AF2. I'm not a fan of Mizz Nina or Noh but I love their wedding. Simple but sweet. I love all M.Nina outfit because they are not sexy, not too tight (even Farah's was too tight). Suka! Tak caya? Pergila ke Beautifulnara.hehehehehee

Ktengsbai =)


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