Saturday, July 30, 2011


Today i would say my family and i received more blessing than usual. It started off this morning when my cousin dropped by and delivered one whole sack of durians. Imagine this, one sack. My mum, brothers and couldnt wait and cracked open one durian.

The first bite in my mouth made me feel like Hari RAya had arrived early. It's true that we have lotsa durians but how many of them are highly quality? Well this durian did. The flesh was really thick and moist and rich that i needed only one ketul to get full!!

Anyhoo,later that afternoon after fetching my bro and ran some errands i stopped by Domino's Batu Berendam and ordered one whole set for tea. The other day mom paid me for the slides i did for her so i tot why not buy something for the family. Aaanywaaayy this was the first time my family had tasted Domino's. Annnd the slices were all gone in 15minutes. Am happy :-D

I cant wait to start working and give back to my family. I abhor spending away family expenses just like that.

Have a great weekend everyone <3
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