Monday, May 30, 2011

Cupcake Class by Dynamic Learning Center Melaka.

Earlier this month, I was so bored that I started searching for short courses to attend at Kolej Komuniti. Like any other government websites, the site was not updated. I couldnt find any recent courses offered. The reason I chose that college because the fee charged at the is very2 cheap. Since I couldnt find any, I opted for other classes conducted by individuals.

That's when I came across Dynamic Learning Center Melaka which offers various baking classes. I have always been fascinated about cupcakes therefore, I signed up for their class. The fee was RM160 for basic cupcake class. Standard price for any cupcake class. The class is inclusive of lunch as well.

The date for the class had been postponed several times until it was confirmed on 28th May 2011. I was nervous because I didnt usually meet new people. I didnt know how my teacher was gonna be or other students. The venue was at Bukit Katil, another part of Melaka I wasnt familiar with. So the night before, as usual I studied google map, finding familiar landmarks around Bukit Katil.

That morning, I was lost few times looking for the house. Yess the class was conducted at the house. Double storey terrace house to be exact. I was frustrated when I couldnt find the address. On my last straw, I drove into one lane saying to myself that if I still fail to find the place, I was soo gonna go back. Alhamdulillah, I found it! It was at the end of the road. No wonder I couldnt find it.

I was greeted by Kak Rina, one of the founder of the learning center. Another 2 students had arrived and we waited for another one. Overall, there were 4 students including me. They were Auntie Jaya, an Indian lady in her 50s, Kak Lin, a mother in her 30s, Irna, a lower 6 student and me. They were all very very friendly. and they have experience too in baking especially Auntie Jaya as she bakes cupcakes for business. I had almost zero knowledge in baking. Fortunately, I didnt feel left out because they were all very2 supportive and generous with tips. They let me did most of the stuffs preparing ingredients.hehe Now I'm done talking. Let's enjoy the pictures, shall we?

This is Auntie Jaya =)

This is our teacher. Currently she works at MOE, Putrajaya! Siap ckap kat dia nak mintak posting melaka.hahaha

Some of the ingredients. We learnt how to bake the cupcakes, how to make the buttercream toppings and fondant topping. Eh and also how to make Chocolate Ganache.

First batch of the cupcakes.

Teacher was showing different types of nozzles used to decorate the cakes. With Kak Lin looking interestedly.

Here are the basic nozzles. There are many2 of them. But as long as you have those I highlighted above, you can start making your own already. I bought 4 nozzles myself =)

This is the butter cream. Can add different coloring as you like. Gebu kan??

Cupcake covered with the cream. Have to use a spatula to ensure tidy finishing. Takde spatula, pisau pon boleh jerrr..

The nozzle and the cream

Cupcakes. Each of us were given 16 cupcakes to deco and bring back home.

Teacher demonstrated how to deco using certain nozzle.

These are shells. Used to deco on cake. Selalu kat tepi2 tu. Bought one of this.

Ini turtle. It's a tortoise named Turtle. Kak Rina's.

This is my first cupcake that I decorated. Happy =) Notice the uneven lines on the side. Bergegar tangan ok nak buat ni.

After decorating with butter cream. Notice the 2 cupcakes yet to be decorated. Those were the spot for fondant topping.

Teacher showed how to prepare fondant topping.

We can use many types of cutter for fondant. Any shapes you want will do. Fondant reminds me of plasticine I used to play when I was young.haha

Now, all were nicely decorated. Ceh..nice ke???hahah

This was supposed to look like Mickey Mouse. =.='

Our works =)

Me, Kak Lin, Irna, Teacher and Auntie Jaya. Only Kak Rina is missing. HEE

I had really good times with them. Hope to rewind back the moment. Never thought meeting new people could be so much fun. And I didnt reserve myself like I usually did. haha I opened up, telling my stories, background. So did they. No pressure at all. When I made mistakes, kak Rina and teacher didnt scold or tease me. They made sure I got all the techniques right. Apart from that, they were generous with the ingredients. Meaning if the cream had finished, we were welcomed to make the new one. I was told by Auntie Jaya that some of the classes that she had attended before limited some of the ingredients. Sometimes, the teacher had already prepared the cream beforehand so you missed the chance to make it your own. That's bad considering you pay for the class.

But I'm lucky that I went to the right class, meeting the right teacher and new friends. The learning center will organize a Tart Class next month and I'm itchy to register for the class already.hehe

Anyhoo, I dont really like to eat cakes or other sweet stuffs except for chocolate. But I love to see people eating them. That's why I am motivated to improve my skill in baking. =))

Till then, bye!


SWORD said...

hehehe mickey mouse syg..=)

LoveCupcakes said...

Can't believe you guys are graduated in basic cupcake class. Your work like a professional pastry chef! The cupcakes are awesome and looks tasty too.

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