Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I got up early to fill the empty stomach, preparing myself to fast today. I cant remember how many days left for  me to replace the days I didnt fast last year so I'm making it 10days. Easier. My teacher said if you are not sure, do extra. It's safe that way. Anyway, I completed my Puasa 6 after Raya last year, so I have 4 days left. and today will be the 1st day of the 4.heheh

I set my phone alarm at 5 but only got to dragged my feet to the wash room 15 minutes later. haha classic. I made pancakes for sahur as I didnt feel for rice early in the morning. Well, when I was living in hostel, I only aet plain water and Hup Seng crackers what..

Funny thing was, I thought subuh prayer is at 6pm or something. Since we have to eat before Subuh adzan, I took my sweet lil time to cook. Mom woke up at 5.30. First thing she said "Cepat tak lama lagi Subuh". I was blur. Then googled the time for subuh prayer, Melaka area. It was 5.40PM! I made 4 pancakes but only ate 2. Bummer! I hope you can imagine a messy makcik shoving food into her mouth.haha

Well, I am anticipating a hard long day today. First day kan? After almost a month eating like a pig. Phew..

I want to share the recent photos of my babies. Just to make wordy post unwordy.hehe

Ikha suffered heavy breathing due to asthma attack. Poor lil girl. Mom called yesterday evening and my bro said she's back on her feet, active already.. Alhamdulillah....


His right eye got bitten by an ants while he asleep last night. My brother said he woke up screaming. The right side started to swollen. Sorry la Umar tp muka dia memang lawak giler.hahahahahahahaha
Someone with eyes so big became small like that, dah la sebelah je.....hahahahaha

ok i'll stop now.



azurah said...

Salam Nurul, my son's name is Umar too. Quite a common name nowadays. Anyway, just dropping by to say hi!

Nurul Razak said...

Hi Azurah, wslam...Umar is my brother's name. and Hi to you back! =)

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