Friday, May 20, 2011

KISSM Briefing

Yesterday, we were dropped with a sudden news regarding KISSM briefing which will be held in Batu Lintang Kuching, Tuesday (24th May) NEXT WEEK. For us who are from Peninsular Malaysia, the news was a trouble. Funny how we expressed our feelings when we were in hot soup, listening to our parents emosness. Because the air ticket is expensive, that is! haha

My mum was pretty ok. She didnt nag. Abah was more awesome. He didnt say a word.hahaha We have options to go for KISSM - well KISSM is an induction course by the way. We can go for our course at any nearby teacher training college. Though the ticket was a bit expensive, I opted to do it in Kuching because well, I just wanna visit there!

Last week, B went to Kuching to join a volleyball tournament representing ABF. He said Kuching has changed a lot. My heart is longing to visit Kuching again because, well face it, I studied there for 4 years. Of course la rindu.haha

Anyhoo, the visit next week is just for a briefing only. The actual course will run end of next month. So,i'll be coming back again next month. yeehuu! I think for this briefing, we will be given a group work. So it will be easier if I know my team mates. and I hope the course next month will be held in a hotel. Boleh tak diva??haha that's what will happen to you growing up with teachers as parents. Since I was a lil girl, I have seen my mom went for courses at 5stars hotels. Why cant I have the same experiences? Ok diva pulak

Oh did I say I paid for my own ticket? In the beginning, honestly, I was disappointed to have to pay for my own. Baru je nak cilok duit mak kan?haha But after really thinking about it, I'm a grown woman. I am proud of myself to be able to pay for those tickets. So instead of whining, I purchased them. Well Abah bought it for me. I have to pay him later. =.= Gonna have to dig out some monehhhh from Tabung Haji.

By the way, B's birthday is next week. On the same day of the briefing. It's a bummer I dont have anything special for his birthday. Coz I'm broke. I've been good at doing surprises from the past 7 years. Only this year, I have zero! Sorry B. =(

On a different note, next year and the rest of the year, we can have a combo celebration of our birthdays and wedding anniversary.hahaha because my birthday is 10 days apart from him, our wedding date will be in between the 10 days, so it's perfect!

Ok enough rambling. I have a headache right now but so persistent to update my blog though I'm crapping. I have trouble sleeping from the past 2 days. No, I didnt sleep in the afternoon. still had problem to sleep at night.

p/s My dad included luggage as inflight services for my air ticket. Have to add extra RM50 just for that. Uwaaa....untuk membalas kegeraman, I will buy lotsa Ikan Terubuk Masin to make my RM50 worth while.


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