Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cold drinks for school lunch

Do you remember how active we were in primary school? We would jump up and down, ran here and there, climbed up trees...well at least that was me. When we moved to Sarawak, I always came home late since I had to wait for mum to finish work. Primary school usually ended at 12.30 pm and I got home about 4pm on usual basis. I was lucky that most of my friends were also like me. So we spent our afternoon together playing games till our parents fetched us.

Now getting to the topic, we kids love cold drinks right? I mean the plain water one. NOt the carbonated drinks. When I was that age, mom only gave me RM1 per day. 60 cents for nasi lemak and 40cents for after school snacks. But I needed drinks right? So my brothers came up with the idea to put mineral water in the freezer. You know, when the water was ice hard, we brought them to school, and became our supply for cold drinks till afternoon at least. No kidding! The only downside of the idea was that the dripping water from the bottle. And it usually got into my bag and wet my books =).......ahhhh.......how I miss being kids again.

even puppies love em'

it looked like this in the afternoon. The ice was still there =)

Lately I have too much time for thinking. Lucky for me, I was always thinking about happy moments. hehe I wanna work but we are going to Langkawi this coming school holidays, so I cant go if i'm working right? well, why not enjoy the last paid vacation?haha by the way, I have registered for a basic cupcake class. I cant wait to learn how to deco the cakes. yippieeeeeeeeee!

p/s the pictures were googled


DauS said...

spe nak g langkawi??

SWORD said...

nak join???hee

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