Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kim Bay HK-Macau Restaurant, Pullman Kuching

We can never go for any vacation without having a great meal to complement the trip with. One thing I look for while travelling is always the food. Hehe like in the previous post, Sarah brought us to a new eating place in Kuching. It is Kim Bay Restaurant. So as you can guess, this post is going to review about the place =)

We went to the new branch in Pullman =)

We arrived there around lunch time. At that time, they didnt have enough tables to accommodate 13 of us so we had to wait for while.

Haha this is the mural on the restaurant next door. Sakais to kill time waiting.

Now, this is the restaurant. Notice the 'Halal' sign. It's halal!!

Finally we were given tables at the open space area. About 3 tables were arranged in line for us. After all of us were seated, menu were given. Oh my, there were lots and lots of food from Chinese to Western. I didnt know what to order. My stomach didnt feel for rice. So I settled with Alfredo. I also shared a plate with Sarah for their famous Portuguese egg tarts. Those tarts reminded me of Chae Kyung in Princess Hours =)

The Menu

I ordered this. Chicken Ham and Parmesan in double cream cheese!!

Their tarts. The favourite: Portuguese Egg Tart.

Most of us ordered the rice. It came in a package with drinks and a bowl of soup. We also ordered side dishes. But I forgot the names already =.=.

My Alfredo turned out so fine and true to its name. The spaghetti was creamy, in fact too creamy. Towards the end I couldnt finish it and Julian took over the job.haha The Portuguese egg tart were not disappointing at all.It was crusty on the shell but really soft on the inside. 2 thumbs up!!

My Alfredo. Cheesy and creamy indeed!

The tarts

Crispy on the outside, yummmeh on the inside =)

The rest of us too enjoyed their meals. Words of compliments and satisfaction were exchanged. haha 

The food was good, the waiters and waitress were friendly, the service was fast, the restaurant cleanliness was superb. Oh not to forget, the price was reasonable =)

Overall,  I would give 8/10 for this restaurant. If you are looking for something nice to eat, got to Kim Bay. They also has another restaurant at The Spring.


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