Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kenny Roger's new meal set is a turn off!!

The other day, I had a girl outing with my friend Suzy and her baby, Ariana. After much thoughts, we decided to eat at Kenny Roger's Mahkota Parade Melaka for lunch.

It was a working day so not many workers or customers around. It took few minutes before a waiter came to take order. We were given a menu. It was new. I mean not the usual one.

I noticed that the price for quarter meal set has increased. Boo hoo...harga ayam naik dah kot. The usual price last time was RM15.90 per set.

But that's not what I want to tell you in this post. I noticed also that Kenny Roger's has introduced a new set of meal called Kenny's Twin Meal!! The picture of the meal had seduced me to order a plate which I thought would be much better than the quarter meal. Plus, both meals were of the same price.hehe 

Salivating right?? This set is almost the same except the chicken choice. You can choose either 2 drumsticks or 2 chicken wings. Couldnt wait for the meal to be on my table! I chose drumsticks.

Unfortunately, when the waiter did put the plate on my table, it was a huge disappointed! This is for real!

They served me with only 1 DRUMSTICK!!! I told the waiter about it. Initially he seemed a bit confused but I firmly said I should be getting 2 drumsticks as shown in the picture. =( . Apart from that, I ordered garlic parsley potato as one of the side dish but they gave me the twisted pasta. I didnt have a heart to complain anymore. Later, another drumstick was delivered to me.

I was disappointed mainly for 3 things:
  • The drumsticks were really really small. I was still hungry after the meal. I should have ordered my usual quarter meal =(
  • For a prestigious diner place, they shouldnt make mistakes in taking customer's order. I could accept if the place was full but it wasnt. =(
  • The waiter was not well trained. I expect a good service when I have to pay for service charge. The waiter didnt show hospitality, wasnt ready to listen. Masa amik order macam amik order kat kedai mamak. Badan senget2.
All in all, dont go for Kenny's Twin MEal. Tak kenyang. The Drumsticks werent fresh. 

If you are looking for a great Kenny Roger's restaurant in Melaka, I would suggest go to Aeon Jusco Bandaraya or Tesco. Not in Mahkota Parade.

 Before I bid farewell, enjoy my pic with suzy's baby girl =))

Isnt she a beauty???


Muka Haluih (MH) said...

Harge dh kurangkan, tp dieorng bg ayam yg kecik sekali.

Dulu2 ayam die besa2.;(

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