Sunday, May 29, 2011

Good things happen to those who wait~

Recently, I read a post from The Pink Stilettos regarding the topic. Never thought it will happen to me to.

If you know me really well, I plan if I want to do something. When we were told about the induction course, my mind automatically started planning for the trip. I had surveyed the ticket for next month's trip. It came up to RM317 for Air Asia and RM348 for Fireflyz. I already planned how much money I will take out from my saving.

The only weird thing was I didnt buy the ticket last week though I knew the price would increase soon. I just wanted to wait after the briefing to end, to confirm that Imma go back next month before purchasing anything. Usually, I would buy the ticket straight away. I'm the rushing type. But again, this time, I waited.

After I had returned, I was caught up with other things i.e. cupcake class and being sick that I forgot to buy the ticket. Only this morning I remembered to do so. So much to my surprise, the ticket price has dropped so low that almost brought tears to my eyes. Ok tipu.hahah

The return ticket for Kul-Kuc is only RM58!!! The ticket was as low as RM10. Rezeki. =))

But after much thought and discussions, estimating time and what not, I had to go for RM69.90 to kuching because the cheapest one will depart at 7am. No one to send me to the airport yo!. But my return ticket is only RM10. But of course after adding in luggages --- I know, I will bring extra clothes this time as I will extend my stay..haha... taxes, services, the total came up to RM180. Not whining because I saved about RM100 this time.

B is flying too from Bintulu. His tickers are only RM114, almost the same if he takes buses. So I guess, rezeki comes in many version =)

p/s I am trying to live my life without being controlled by money. I hate when my decision will be influenced by money. I dont want to be with some miserable people I know who have the money still being cheapskate and always think about it. They rather have fun using someone else's money than forking out their cash. Really really dont want to be like that.


SWORD said...

x sbr mk pegi kuching..hehe

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