Monday, May 16, 2011


You said you give up. You give up on me. You give up on us. All this time I have tried to be considerate. I gave in when you said you gave up. Only this time...

I waited for your call the whole day. Your messages sounded like I'm going to die anytime soon. You sounded lifeless, thus making me life less.

Why do you have to put all the blame on me? You said you'd never blame me. You are the wrong one. But the way you act, you are making me as the problem. That all the problems are from me. I created them.

When you said you'll take a day off from work just to settle things with me, that's the biggest slap. That act confirms that I'm the one with problem. I never asked you to stop living your life when things come up. I dont need you to fly across the sea to apologize, to be my knight in shining armour. I never want you to spend money on flowers to say sorry. I never need you to spend money to buy expensive things to make up with me. I DONT NEED THOSE.

I just want you to man up. Be my man. You said you love me. No you love me in my best. not me at my worst.

What are words when you dont mean them?
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