Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One step closer =)

Finally, after much dramas, advices, thoughts, sleepless nights, I paid 30% of deposit to our chosen photographer. None other than Mohd Razali. Seriously, it is so hard to make decisions regarding your wedding. I was tempted to hire other photographers with the packages, quality etc... finally we made our decision. And I pray, hope, dream that we'll get what we paid.hehe

Yesterday, I went to his website and saw this. He already blocked the date for us. Can you believe it?? I know I cant because yesterday we were still  immature monkeys in school and now we are getting married?

Oh by the way, I covered the date because honestly, we are gambling here. We are still not sure when the school holidays is going to start. If there's changes, you will hear me screaming and you know, the date is changed.hahaha but I think you can guess the date already.

And to my siblings, please dont tell mom about this. She has no idea that I already book a photographer because as I said, the date is not confirmed. It is confirmed actually but have to wait for the official calendar from the government.haha jangan kepoh ngan mak ok!

Now, I'm at ease. I will leave for the rest of preparation when the date has been confirmed. Should we get a videographer? I know we should . But that an extra RM1500++ ! We barely made it for the photographer alone. Should we? It will be fun if we have a recording of the events. But where are we gonna fork that extra cash?

Any sponsors?? anyone? anyone? anyone?

p/s to all future bride and groom, wedding is gonna cost you a LOT!. Though I am still at the beginning of the planning process, I can feel it that I am going to be at least RM10K poorer in a year. But hey, wedding is an investment! Like the Chinese uncle at the car workshop told my mum, if you have money, dont buy a car. Get married! Because you'll have extra at least RM2K from your spouse's income. Nice one uncle =)

p/p/s No, I'm not getting married for money. It's love people!


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