Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nak kahwin pakai banyak duit, dowh~~

It has been days since I last updated my blog. Truth is I lost the touch to write now. I log on to blogger every day but my mind usually went blank.haha

For the past few days, I have been spending most of my time googling about wedding photographer. I know it's wayyyyy early but our date will fall on school holiday, so i literally race with other B2B to get the best photographer.  I have my eyes on this particular photographer, based in Batu Pahat, Johor. Here are some of his artworks:


Pas ni soh abah ready kebun getah la...who thought photoshoot in kebun getah could be romantic??haha

A good photographer captured the best moment candidly. I like this picture. I can feel the happiness in there through this photo =)

Actually I have many more photographers suggested by friends and family. But so far, I fell for this. Oh by the way, he is Mohd Razali. I have emailed him for the quotation, and guess what, it exceeds my budget. Little did I know that the price to hire a photographer has increased since my brother's wedding. But so far, Mr. Razali has given me the best offered. For 2 days (3 events) photoshoot, I think it's quite worth it. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stress tau tak.

If I agreed with the package, I need to fork out RM1K for the deposit. Ok now, go guess how much the total is. Ini belum masuk photographer for B's wedding reception in Sibu. (pengsan!!) Ok I might seem a bit too rush right but again, I am scared that if i wait till the last minute, somebody else will grab him and I'm left with wannabe photographer. DONWANT!

Whiny much?

Apart from that, I have surveyed packages for the dais, dresses, catering...basically, if you dont have about RM20K in's gonna be hard. A modern dais starts with RM2K at least. I dont want the old fashion dais. mengada tak? lempang baru tau =.=

tak masuk baju nikah..yes I am planning to tailor our baju for solemnization. Luckily, B's dad can tailor it for him and his mum knows how to do embroidery. We just save RM400 for the groom's baju melayu.miahahahah

I know even with financial constraint right now, we will be able to go through all these. I cant wait to start working. save money. phew...


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