Saturday, May 21, 2011

Less words Saturday

Yesterday, had a good outing with Anis and Ziela, my cousins. Anis is going back to Mentakab and we might only see each other again for Raya. Lambatnya... And another guy joined us yesterday, Tuan Akhbar (kalo salah nama sorry). Throughout the outing, we called him Tuan. hehe since he's a senior to Anis.

Me and Ziela

Anis and Tuan


I'm not sure his position in the army but Anis calls him Tuan. Must be higher la kan.haha thanks for buying us popcorn and shushi.

Arigato, hait!

Before that, we went to watch Pirates of The Caribbean 4 which turned out to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!! i BET AWESOMER than Nur Kasih. Why would you spend some money to cry instead to laugh? Life itself is a drama kan?? my 30cents =)

Anyhoo, I'm going to Kuching. Cant wait!!


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