Saturday, May 28, 2011

Balik ke Batu Lintang lagi =)

***This is a super quite long entry***

Kami balik ke Batu Lintang lagi..

That was the last line for our teaching college official song. Indeed, I long to return back to the college . After 2 years, finally my wish was granted.

I was in Kuching for 3days. It was a short trip but satisfying. There are so many things going on in the college. Major constructions everywhere. The place was a mess, dusty, and ugly. There are many sites building mini stadium, gym, library and buildings. Eyesores but once they are done, the college will change =). Here is a detail of my doings while in Kuching.

Upon arrival, fetched by Nad and Ain, went straight to Saberkas. Oh most of the shops are still the same.haha Jinki is still there too.hahah...Then we headed to BL, a favourite hangout place while we were in Batu Lintang. The place hasnt changed a bit. Kakak, the waiter is still slim with her husband, Ju-on has grown into a lady. Oh yess, the makcik has lost some weight!

All time favourite: Nasi Goreng Ayam Salad. However, the price has increased to RM4 per plate =(. I also ordered a plate of Midin Belacan and was charged RM8. It used to be only RM5. pHEW

Getting ready for Taklimat =)

Before the lecturer went in.

After the briefing, we went to the Language Department to meet our lecturers. It was....I dont know how to describe it. It was overwhelming. All of the lecturers were genuinely excited and happy to see us. Shake hands, smiles, laughter were exchanged. We basically threw the department upside down with the noise. We got to meet Madam Tan, Madam Soh, Madam Anis, Mr. George, Mr. Michael and Mr. Tingang. It was a memorable moment. I didnt feel scared, intimidated like when I was their students. It felt like meeting old friends. That time all my thoughts about how much I spent to go there vanished. It was TOTALLY worth it! Oh before that, when we just got there, we met Dr. Mary and Dr. Chua. Then only I realised how much I miss Dr. Mary. She looked happy when she saw us. Only her comment was a bit disturbing. She said:

"Wah Nurul, you have put on weight. Finally your wish is granted. You wanted to put on weight right last time"


After that, we went to TAZA to join line dancing. We were invited by the lecturers, and especially by Madam Angie.

Taza toilet. Super clean!


Madam Tan! She left for Australia when during our final sem there.

All of us were 'forced' by Madam Angie to join. Hahaha when she was screaming in Taza, we all agreed among each other that we missed her voice the most. She still the same madam that taught us Literature 6 years ago. Generous with smiles, quick, vain.hahaha

We met another two lecturers, Madam Anne and Madam Chong. Again I was thrown with distressing comment from Madam Anne

"Nurul, you are rounder now, definitely rounder".


About one hour later, we made a move to say goodbyes. We bid farewell, shook hands, hugged them...awwww.....and made way out for lunch. At that moment, I was already excited to come back next month!! 

Later, all of us except Ka Phin went to Pullman for lunch =)

while waiting for our tables to be ready. 

We ate here!

Later at night, we went for a movie, Fast Five. I tell you, the guys were really excited.haha they made sounds during romantic scene, clapped on funny scenes.haha malu kamek koh.haha

It was a short trip. I cant wait to return next month. Plus, B will be flying down to Kuching. Yeay!!!!!!!!!

When I read back, not so detail eh.haha I was disturbed by my nephew in the process of writing this. Hence, most of the stuffs I wanted to share was forgotten. I regretted for not taking pictures with the lectures. Guess I was too shy to ask. Must take many2 when I return next month. a MUST!!

p/s To Nad and her family, thank you so much for having me at your crib for 3 days. hehe jasamu ku kenang =)))


DauS said...

ko posting kt swak ke?

Nurul Razak said...

tak induction course. Compulsory for all gov servants. kalau tak amik course ni tak dapat confirm service. Aku chose to do it in kuching. ngade tak?hahah habeh duit tabung haji

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