Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Another silence. I guess i have lost the touch of blogging.there are just so many things i want to ramble but i think age has made me wiser hence so many things are better keep inside instead of telling the world. Wow! Sound like an auntie here.

Another Ramadhan is here. I was down with bad sore throat on the first day of fasting then fever came then flu and phlegm.

Alhamdulillah today all left except i'm still coughing. Very badly. I was in class teaching today when suddenly the wave of cough hit me. I literally coughed non stop in front of 20 pairs of eyes looking worriedly at ran for about 2 minutes and at then of it i was breathless, watery eyes, red face and hopeless. I wanted to run as far as i can.....ok that's just too dramatic.but i did feel embarrass and vulnerable coz my students got to see that side of me.....haha

Happy Ramadhan peeps ��


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