Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fasting and nursing

This is my first ramadhan as a mom. A nursing mom. And after 11 days I can conclude that, it's exhausting.

No wonder a pregnant/nursing mom has their own rules for fasting. I had always wondered why is there a special rule for this group. Last year, I managed to fast for 30 days despite being pregnant. and I understood why. This year, I have a deeper understanding why nursing moms are special.

Before ramadhan, I asked a colleague how is it to fast as a nursing mom. She told me she'd always feel tired at the end of the day. and i finally understood why.

As milk is made mostly from water, I'm thirsty most of the time. Even at night after buka puasa. I drank gallons of water to replenish and I could say it's still not enough. and as a nursing mom, I burn calories which leads to exhaustion. Everyday I came home feeling super tired and all i wanted to do is to lay on the bed waiting for Maghrib.

No wonder moms are super human. I hope I will be one and stop whining how tired i am.haha


Suzy Effendi said...

ku ponteng 10 days... sedey. still pam juak uhuh

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