Thursday, May 3, 2012

wedding button badge

I have been thinking about a signature thing to use for my family during my wedding reception.

I thought of using the traditional flower with money on it but.....

We had green boutonniere during my bros' wedding. 

Then I googled and got the idea of using felt and create felt flowers but...

Then my head went 'tinggg!' with ideas to use tissue to make carnation tissues but....

Then and then and then.... all excuses. haha

Until 2 weeks ago I got some spare time to visit bride-to-be blogs.hehe thennnnnn I got the idea. TING TING TING TING

to use botton badges! hoyyyeaaaahhh.

Actually this idea came across my mind last year but I rubbed it off because I thought mom would go against untraditional thing. But earlier this year, my bro and sis in law attended a wedding in Kelantan and told me about using badges as they had seen it at the wedding. Mom seemed ok with the idea. usual....  Procrastination is my best friend.

Anyhoo, i placed an order at wee hour in the morning before I got off to work. Around 5.30 am I think. I received a reply and the story goes on. In 2 days, we settled with the final design etc and I made payment. All in 3 days.hehe

So today I got home. Mom said there's a parcel for me. I was thinking 'ok what have I bought this time??"hahahaha kes online shopping tak sedar diri. I tore open the parcel and waaaaaaaaaaaa my badges are here!!!!!!!!!  I totally forgot about it.muehehehehe

I only ordered 20 pieces for my family. Couldnt afford to order for my extended family... Would love to though....

  I plan to collect it back after the wedding and have it framed.hehe Saw one of the brides did this and I want it too. Kenangan hoccayyyy!

url inserted.

Anyhoo, have a great week ahead. 3 weeks bebeH!!!!
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