Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Of Wedding Blog

A long time ago, I thought of transforming my blog or creating a new blog just to keep track of my wedding preparation. But as time went by, I realised I wasnt suit to have any wedding blog mainly because I dont think I'm creative or will create anything wow-wy or.... ok plain said, it would be boring.

But guess who is soooo excited than me???

MY ABAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I was busy the whole day since the netball practice for  state level competition has just started. I got home and logged into FB as usual. My top story was about my dad inviting friends and relatives to my wedding. Little did I know he created a BLOG just for it!!!hahah

What are so funny about it?

1. The fact that he created a blog just for my wedding. Though it makes me shy shy but deep down I'm so touched. =)

2. He posted about my bio.hahah macam nak promote anak but anak yang dah nak kawen.hhehe

3. He even put up wedding countdown hoccayyyy!!!! I have mine too but it's counting by days/months. My dad's - by seconds too!! Lagi semangat.

4. The blog address is so personal. Go visit!

5. Abah made few errors. Example: Saiful FITRI instead of Saiful FIKRI. hahahahahah son in law punya nama pun salah daaa...

It's a sweet gesture from a father to daughter. I lapp u abah!

The only thing is that he used the picture during my E-day. Have I told you that I dont like me in that picture?hhaha

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