Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bulk update.

              as the day is around the corner, my colleagues in school have become so excited. yeah I know it's supposed to be me.hahaha but honestly, I dont feel the excitement yet. and please dont ask me why. Months ago I tot I would be overwhelmed with excitement at least a month before the wedding but to date, I have not. weird huh?

              Today my bridal shop came to set up my dais. It's a bit too large I think. But oh well. I think it's for a reception in a hall.not home. In the process of setting up, I was asked by the pondan about this and that. He suggested few things and I would agree to everything. Then he said 'Ko nak kawen ke tak ni dik??? Semua okay je??? hahahahaha but seriously, there's nothing not to be ok about. After they were done, my mom served them with ice cold drinks and banana fritters. One of the pondans said: 'Nak tau, kalo aku dpt semua customer macam ko memang meriah hidup aku. tak banyak songeh. semua ok je.'

annnddddd later he continued 'sebab ko tak banyak songeh, banyak benda aku kasi free je kat ko'

that's the part i like.muahahahahahahahahahahahaha

It's maybe my rezeki. I got a brand new dais chair, brand new dais, brand new guest tents. Rezeki or what?

At the moment of typing this, I'm tired. So tired that my body aches. That's why I was lectured today with the akak2 at school for not taking leave starting from tomorrow. I'll be on leave starting on Friday.hehe I need rest. I'm tired not from the wedding stuffs but school related.huhu

See you around.
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