Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rojak Entry

Been so lazy to update blog since the babies are around. I'm a clingy auntie like that! So wanna rojak everything into this post =)

1. Swollen feet.
I am not sure what happen on Friday but i kinda trip on my left foot, leaving it all swollen and painful. That evening I self-massaged the area and the next morning the swelling area subsided. Still painful now but only when walking.hee

2. Cucumber
Abah is doing reallly fine these few days with his cucumbers. Alhamdulillah. After almost 3 years of frustration - spoiled crops, overproduced, no market problems, he finally can harvest his hard work - after freakin 3 yearsss!

Seems like the PPSMI will continue till 2020. This will be a great news for urban kids but a nightmare for rural kids. But everything will have its pros and cons right? Good luck for teachers who teach at the rural areas. And for English teachers, definitely more pressures on you!

4. SPP Interview.
I really need to start studying. I have but not much. My biological clock has set me feeling sleepy around 10pm everyday.... And when I come back from work, I'm always too tired and just wanna lie down and watch tv.heeee Oh yesterday I read a news regarding the interview about if we fail it, we might not be hired. I was worried and of course felt unfair. I talked to mom about it. 2 pieces of advice from her.

  1. You will NOT get hired in any interview if you fail. So why suddenly you feel you're so special? Pekkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kena skali kat muka.
  2. Why in the first place you're so worried about failing? You have been in this field for almost 6 years. And it is compulsory for you to know everything about it. Like a doctor. If a doctor isnt familiar with his field, what's gonna happen to the patient? Peekkkkkkkkkkkkkkk pekkkkkkkkkkkkkk double slap on the face. T_____________T
Thanks mak. Pedas wooo kena lazer ngan senior teachers.

5. Be grateful
I sometimes notice that some people dislike my comments about being grateful. And I can sense hints of sarcasm when they talk to each other. Ok la like this, I talk about being grateful ONLY in my blog. Soooo it's so obvious that you often come visiting this crappy blog, where I speak my mind. And IP addresses dont lie either. Why dont you just stop coming rather than feeling like I've stuffed your mouth with chillies? and then go ranting about my writing?

I write based on what I see and my understanding. If you feel like I dont understand you, then why sweat? I dunno how to say it nicely to your face. Karang I sound direct terus moha nak?? Maybe this is my way to advice my own friends. Especially when you complain too much like the world is dying because of your situation. Have you not seen or read anything around you? Like in Bangkok right now? Kalau macam ain ke, leen ke i sound direct jahh. 

If you complain so much now, you're not gonna like it when you are in school. At least now you just have to worry about being jobless. In school, there are tonnes of things to be worried and usually are out of your capability to control. I grow up with teachers as parents. I'm pretty familiar with the drill. One of the reason my dad stops teaching is because of the problems. My dad still have about 8 years before his retirement age but he decided to be a farmer because plants make him happy. See? even my mom, at her seniority level, still complains about students, parents, workloads, colleagues. See?

One of the reason we all want to work because of money. But after that what? We all strive to be happy in life. If money is your priority, then be it. But a beginner teacher's salary wont get you anywhere. Just a decent house and car. Nak pakai Honda city? Vios? Stop dreaming unless you plan to work at rural areas or be single until 30 before you get married.

Ok la. I'm tired justifying. ceh.hahaha this is my 5cents. If you like it, then take it. If not leave. I donwanna sound like Miss Right. what i said I try to practice it too. Do what you preach kan? 


p/s lemang and rendang itik kirim salam =)))))))))))))


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