Monday, November 21, 2011


I went to work today feeling unsure. Should or shouldnt I go to work today.  But in the end, I went. I was feeling drowsy and uneasy the whole morning. I sweated by not doing anything. Came noon, it felt soo much better. The minute I arrived home, toilet was the destination.miahahahaha

Then, I 'seduced' mom to come with me to Mydin. Wanted to buy the shoes but dowanna go alone. tee hee... By the way, mom was having cherry berry too due to the food from yesterday wedding reception. But she insisted on going.well..

Once in Mydin, it took me less that 5 minutes to buy the shoes. I've been eyeing this shoes for months. Alhamdulillah. Finally they're mineeeeee!!! *evil laugh*. Why am I so excited for the shoes? You see, the last time I bought shoes was last year, in July. More than a year already. *engagement shoes and flip flops dont count.hahahaha*

Bata. Hopefully this one can last till I get my first baby.hahaha Only 2 inches high. 

 Afta that, went for some grocery shopping in Mydin in less than 30 minutes. NEW RECORD!!

Once we stepped out of Mydin, Mom gave me hints that she wanted to eat at Secret Recipe as she had never been there before. I said no problemo. But before that we went to survey around Kota Fashion, looking for one of the bridal boutique. This was an impromptu plan. Unfortunately, the boutique was closed. We then passed by Romantika, stopped by for a while surveying for door gifts. Then to KK Home Deco. I'm sorry Romantika, but KK Home Deco is definitely a wiser choice. Wide variety with cheaper price. Mom landed her eyes on this particular gift, and decided that would be the gifts for VIPs. tee hee... 

Done with washing eyes, Secret Recipe was the final destination before we headed back. Mom wanted to eat lasagne since her colleague couldnt stop talking about it.(Sakai much?). We ordered one lasagne with a slice of Choc Indulgence and Ice Lemon Tea. Mom ate most of it since I had no appetite due to the food poisoning. It was my surprise treat for Mom. And the feeling was unexplainable

In the car, mom jokingly said "Makan kat sini tak cover duit ko keja sehari kan?" haha takpela. Bukan salu Mak oiii.

Fruitful trip today.

p/s My interview will be in 2days. Read some stories from earlier. Felt nervous. Am i ready? NOT!!


sword said...

gudluck !!hehe

ika~~ said...

like always,
i adore ur writing my dear..

hope u have fully recovered from the food poisoning and do well in the luck :))

cekkeya said...

best of LUX for the interview. ;)

p/s: kasut tuh cantikkkk! ;) sukaaa!

Nurul Razak said...

B: =))

Ika: thank you... my writing mostly craps jeww... suka suki menaip.hehe

cekkeya: Mekaseh..kena pakai sabun LUX nih.hahah ok not funny. kasut dah lama ngidam. sebab comel.haha

Sue Andy's said...

aku xpenah g KK home deco (-.-) hooo.

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