Monday, November 28, 2011


Reporting from Penang:-D....

We are going back today. To Shah Alam. My mom and I might stop for a night in Shah Alam before going back to Melaka. I had a fun family trip this time.

But i miss the fiance. Spending times with family sometimes made me forget about him. Havent had long talk with him for daysss already. But come Saturday, i'm gonna see him baybeh!!!! Hoyeah hoyeah hoyeah hoyeah. Gonna spend a week with him in Bintulu and Melaka.*joget joget joget joget*.

And i cant wait to be at my friends' classmates are getting married.woot woot! The only thing is that this is my 1st time attending a Chinese wedding. Donno what to wear and expect. :D.

What else eh?

See you lovely people sooonnnn :-)
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sword said...

xsbr nak jmpe mak lang dgn dua budak comey nih..

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