Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SPP Interview. First hand experience baby!

Today the most anticipated day arrived. The day of my interview and my vendor meeting.haha

This one does not follow the requirement. The fonts are smaller.hehehe 

Yours truly. I lost 1kg due to food poisoning. muahahahahahahahha *point sebenar tunjuk gambar*

I met new people today, Fazleen from IPPMM, Bee Guat from IPIK and Kak Zukma from DPLI course. They were insane! The moment we met, we clicked instantly, especially Fazleen with her crazy outrageous sense of humor.haha

Actually there were 13 of us, divided into 3 groups. I was in the 2nd group with the people mentioned above. And I was the first of the row. So most of the questions were attacked to me. But thank god those interviewees from the 1st group had warned me earlier to be prepared and to think quickly.

List of questions asked (specific to me):

1. Kepentingan FPK
2. Relation between FPK and Wawasan 2020
3. Maksud keadilan sosial.
4. What makes a country country?

After rounds of Qns and Ans, we were asked to do a simple microteaching. =.='''''

Explain the relation between Perlembagaan, Undang-undang and Parlimen. This one I owe Fazleen a lot since she discussed about this while waiting for our turn. Or else, memang hangus la aku goreng!

We were given freedom to speak in English or BM. I chose BM. and the rest followed suit.hahahah

Since I was the first to do microteaching, I  stumbled many times. By stumbled I mean giggled. Yes I giggled because I was trying to buy some times and think of my strategy. Once I got the groove, yea baby, I smooth. Ok tipu. tak smooth pun because I didnt really know how to explain such topic.

The only thing I remember very closely was the time I called out 'Chin' to answer my question. Yes, I called the interviewer by his name, no salutation. Matilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. The rest semua muka cuak that time.haha

But in my defense, he himself said he was my students. so....

Anywayyy, he gave me 5/10 for my microteaching.hahahaha

It took 1 hour 15 minutes for the interview to end. Phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

Thanks to Mom who waited for me the whole time in the car, Umi, dayah, iffa, lukman and ismail for the messages, Kak GG, Anis, Syasya and Ziela for your tweets. Mak terharu hoccayyyyy. Didnt know so many people knew bout my interview.

Okie bye.

P/s Tomorrow I'm off to Shah Alam. On Friday to Kedah, attending my cousin's wedding. Will be back on Sunday.


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