Friday, November 18, 2011


Today was crazy, at the shop I mean. One of the shops in our village was closed so all the customers went to ours. I had no help apart from my auntie, but she went back at forth checking on Nenek several times. During peak hour, usually I went for automode -  I didnt think about everything that I did, just went with the flow. Which usually led to mistake. Which I super hate.

Usually I got scolded by fussy customers, or the least, they made faces when the have to wait for some times for their food to arrive. And this usually the first timer, not our regular ones. They dont understand that we only have one cook, whom only have a pair of hands. 

I myself dont get the aim of this post. I'm rambling. Because I'm tired. Because my mind is tired. Working isnt easy. And I ONLY work for 6++ hours per day, 5 days per week. I now become somebody who values money so much, as small as 10cents because it was that hard to earn that much per day. But I'm happy. With RM20 per day, I have saved up for my trip to Bintulu. Alhamdulillah. No need to ask money from Mom or borrow from B =))). And with the money, I can buy new pair of shoes, as mentioned before for my interview. And InsyaAllah, to book for invitation cards. 

Tolong lah jangan cakap aku menunjuk ok. aku lempang karang. I'm just feeling grateful, with all the blessings around me. Plus there's nothing to show off pun. Just a decent work as a waitress at a small shop in front of my auntie's house.

In the next entry, I'm gonna talk about the types of customer I face each day I work.tee hee.
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