Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bridal Boutiques Melaka

My mom and I are currently doing major survey for bridal boutiques lately. And it usually led to stress. Stress because Mom and I are never thinking alike =.='. She has her own taste and I have mine.

Aaaanyway, wanna list down all the 3 boutiques that we have visited so far. Not that many ponnn.

Location: Masjid Tanah near Family Store.
Package: wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beyond my budget. Starting from 4k. Gulp!
Comment: GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the dresses are modern and beyuuutifulll. New and fresh I tell you. The interior was nicely decorated and tidy. The lady who entertained us was very friendly. PR Skill: Tip Top. And oh, they have the dress that Farah AF wore for her wedding last time. Price to rent just that is RM3500.

This boutique is fully book for my date.takpela... memang tak mampooo pun.hehe But if you are willing to burn the cash, dont hesitate. It's definitely a good choice.

2. The one in Cheng. -- 

Location: Cheng
Package: affordable. Starting from 1500k. Flexible too. I told them I only wanna 2 outfits, not 4 as stated in the package. They said I'll get new dress. Wah gituuu.
Comment: Not to my liking. The boutique was untidy and got this one kind of smell. But their daises are gorgeous! The dresses not so. We were entertained by the daughter of the owner. PR skill: ehhh.

3. The one in MITC

Location: MITC
Package: affordable. Starting from 1600k.
Comment: The dresses were new and modern. Their daises too. The only thing is that the lady who entertained us. I asked about the package, about bantal nikah, about whether the dresses come with full accessories. She hesitated to answer. About the bantal nikah, I asked whether it's included in the package. She answered 'Bolehla, kalau ada nanti kami bagi '. I was like.. whatttt? I'm not asking to be given free. I wanted to know whether it's included. and about the veil and accessories also she reacted the same. One thing when she hesitated, she looked away, and refused any eye contact. Of course I'd think something is not right. So in the end, Mom said reject jahhhh. But sayang...their dresses are pwetttyyyy....

If you notice, I didnt mention the exact name or location of the 2 boutiques. Because maybe the unfortunate events only happened to me, not to others. So it's not fair to judge them by only a single meeting. Tee hee...

Now stress mode is on since only I week left before B is here. Everything needs to be confirmed asap.

Next week gonna do more survey. Stay tuned baybeh!

p/s the color theme is not confirmed yet. Because the not -thinking-alike between me and mom.haha


cekkeya said...

wah, weddinggggg!!!! Sukaaaa!!! anyway, moga u and mak u sepakat membawa berkat. eh eh. apa salah, moga sefahaman dan terus cari pakej kawen yg seswai, pastuh boleh terus rekemen dkt blog. ;)

Lolita said...


Stumbled upon your blog while searching for bridal boutique in Melaka. Care to share the bridal boutique u chose for your wedding? I'll hold a wedding this Oct in Melaka but as Im staying outside Melaka, Im kind of clueless about the bridal boutique location around Melaka. Hope you can share the list of bridal boutique that u know.


Lolita said...

Btw, can you reply to my email

Thanks ya

Nokia Hp said...

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