Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Interview, Hunting and in between

Today is the interview dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I woke up as usual, 5.30 am. I wanted to read some notes but my mind refused to accept any. Manja kau kan?

My sister tweeted this photo last night. a print screen of my dad's education in Facebook. Bahahahahah

Inilah Abah den yo.

My dad was strict when we grew up. We were all scared of him but till right now have the highest respect for him. He was a great teacher of his time. When he was teaching in Brunei, he successfully taught the kids Physic etc and for the 1st time in the school history, all students passed. He was crowned most favourite teacher for Teachers' Day every year!. But it's hard work people. I saw him staying up late preparing teaching materials bla bla. An inspiration indeed.

Eh tetiba ter brag about my dad. Sorry!

Today after the Interview, my mom and I will be visiting two bridal boutiques (that explains my laaaazinesss to study. I cannot focus!!). Appointment has been made. hehehehehe eksaited tak??

I'll try to upload pictures k.

What else eh??

Air Asia is having promotion again. The ticket is super cheap but AS USUAL, no cheap tickets for KL-SIBU. Uwaaaaa ingat den anak tokey balak apee??? Tickets from KL to Kuching, Bintulu and Miri starts at RM29~

ok it's 6am. Time to hit the shower and off to Melaka for the interview. Doakan saya yerrrrrrrr.

p/s Interview ini penting sbg penentu untuk dilantik sebagai GURU jika lulus. And I need a job for wedding funds. =p


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