Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Berkat rezeki

Since I started working with my auntie, i received some offers to be a part time lecturer at uitm Lendu. They are in a serious need for lecturers since the campus is expanding.Not that I'm not interested but it's complicated since I'm bound with a 5-year contract with the government.

Until.last week, there was this customer, apparently a senior lecturer asking about me bla bla bla.when i told him i'm yet to be posted,he asked to send a resume. I kindly explain my situation with all the contract thingy bla bla bla. He later claimed that he was under the scholarship too like me but he simply didnt report for duty and breached the contract just like that. He told me to do the same thing too. As usual, nodded and smiled.

I have this concern about breaching the contract and not paying it back. Dont you think it's like robbing the money? The taxpayers' money? It's definitely Not Halal right to spend the money and dont fulfill what's expected of you. Then where's the berkat in your rezki? It's a large sum of money of 6 years of education,everything was paid off by the government.

Just yesterday, appeared in Metro Newspapers 3 pages full of names of people who breach the KPM contract. Let's say a person was sponsored 90k worth of sum. The list showed more than few hundreds!!!! How much money was spent?

Dated 28/11/11

Eh terpanjang pulak membebel. I'm just saying. If you wanna quit, quit then but pay back all the money. Duit tak berkat bagi makan anak bini, apa jadi?

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Sue Andy's said...

this is indeed true :) proud of ur decision...

Nurul Razak said...

hehe actually mekorg boleh transfer contract.as long as berkhidmat dgn kerajaan. tp shalas mok pegi tukar2.haha

Sue Andy's said...

i heard, leceh juak kan mok tuka? :D

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