Monday, November 14, 2011

Wedding Theme: Rustic Vintage

This theme has been the talk in Fb today. I dont know this couple but I admire them. The fact that they choose something that is totally different than the usual Malay wedding theme. Rustic Vintage!


And now, the dais!!!!

Made from haystack. It's just unique.

But one thing stuck in mind: Tak gatal ke butt they ol?

Ok just kidding.

I cant wait to show Mom this. hhehehe 

From FB, I guess the couple is from Singapore. =))


Sue Andy's said...

dis is different!

Anonymous said...

kalau i guess correctly, the groom is the son of one of SG's veteran actor and the bride is an SQ stewardess. :D

- Kak GG

Hunny Kitty said...

ingatkan kat malaysia tadik....kalao kat singapura tu mmg percayalah...tapi kalao kat malaysia..kagum jap!

Nurul Razak said...


kak gg: wow! no wonder la.

Hunny: hehe kreatif kalau nak buat ni, nak convince parents bukan senang.hehe

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