Saturday, November 12, 2011


Last night, I had a small chat with Mom regarding my impending interview at the end of the month. I told her that we females must bring a handbag - she offered hers. Thank you mom but no thanks....hehehe After that, Mom went off and Abah's taking his turn, spurting words of advice and tips for the interview.

He told me his experience went for major interviews when he was younger. I didnt know he got an offer for medical scholarship in Egypt. But he turned down the offer because he has always wanted to be an engineer. The reason he went for the interview was because of my late grandpa =).

when he went for the interview, he had no idea about the etiquette.haha Classic Abah, he wore slippers and the interviewers didnt notice em' until Abah stood up and walked out the door after the interview ended.hahahahahahah Well, Abah has always favored slippers over shoes. He wore slippers on plane, vacations, went to the 'besan' houses, our wedding reception. Classic!hahaha

Aaanyway, he told me what the interviewers really wanna see is attitude, how you carry yourself as future teachers, communication skills, how you speak, maturity, not solely on what you know. I told him I am yet to study for anything and he said sweat not baby girl (ok that's not his exact words.hahahhaha). He said there's no use to memorize everything but fail to deliver. Find key points, current issues and be prepared to throw own opinions regarding the issues. DO NOT SOUND like a walking newspaper or textbooks where you blurt out everything that people can read by themselves. Make your points clear. Own points. 

Wahhh gtewwwwww!

My parents are my inspirations. 

p/s Have I told you that Mak is going to follow me for the interview??? Well... she's worried about me driving alone at wee hour in the morning because it's gonna take about 45 minutes from my place to the interview. huhu


Sue Andy's said...

i always had a problem with interview. very the kurang confident before. felt like choking. first interview lps SPM is a mess because aku xbrani making an eye contact with the boss Watsons Miri ya haha. but this entry giving a huge relief for me. shank you Norol, ur parents rock~!

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